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3 min readMar 10, 2021


The year 2020 was all about drastic changes and major events which affected our lives in such a way that the whole world is still trying to figure out how they can fix everything and go back to how their life was. One of the major changes in the work field was the adaption of the new normal — remote working. The pandemic is still there and so is the after-effects of a pandemic. We are now dependent on technology more than ever which is why, In this article, today we will discuss virtual reality which has taken place during a pandemic and how the world is treating it as the new normal.

But first, we have to understand what is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is about experiencing everything through our computer which does not exist in reality. Nowadays, it is a marketing buzzword. People create interactive video games or 3D movies in the name of virtual reality but it is not what a complete virtual reality is. Now, when you know a little bit about Virtual Reality — you may think what is the relation between this and the pandemic world?

Due to pandemic, every workplace is shifted to remote work which laid a new foundation for the Virtual Office. You can now work from home whenever you want. The virtual office helps you in working in less space and even if you can not work around people because of the circumstances — with the help of Virtual reality,

When people are locked inside their house they crave a movement in their life, with the help of technology and Virtual reality people can contact the virtual world.

Be it a business meeting overseas or a ping-pong game between your staff Virtual reality helps you in creating a new lifestyle that you crave for.

The widespread lockdown has pushed people to hold the hand of technology. Whatever sector they are in — there has been a virtual shift which can help people in holding on to their job, starting in a new career, even when they are far from their home.

After all these, now the physical distance is increased so much that the world is more connected through virtual interactions. After the lockdown, the video conference increased by 212%. Zoom came to its fame and now video conferences are better than physical meetings.

Features like screen sharing, reactions, chats on meetings or mic help u in living the virtual reality world.

How will virtual reality help us in 2021?

The new era of virtual reality will be everything in the year 2021. The virtual world is new normal for us — in this situation what can we do? What can the people from IT service or big small companies of any industry do?

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