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3 min readMar 18, 2021

Top Artificial Intelligence apps for android & iOs

Introduction -

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most hi-tech technologies which was introduced in the 2000s when nobody expected that it will rule everything someday. Nowadays, AI is considered to be better than humans when one thinks about processing, analyzing huge datasheets. Artificial intelligence is now widespread in every sector, especially marketing. AI-powered devices and apps are everywhere. AI helps you in every field. In the app world, there are AI-enabled apps that are very helpful.

AI helps you in creating such apps which makes your life easier and better. But how artificial intelligence can make your life better? In today’s article — we will discuss the benefits of Artificial intelligence in today’s world and its top apps which can help you.

Top Artificial intelligence app for android & IoS -

  1. Robin — In between many AI-based voice assistant apps, there is one app — Robin. A very popular AI-based app for androids and Ios which helps the user to write what they want while using this app. This AI-based helps you with fulfilling the basic needs like setting a reminder for you and with your navigations, etc.
  2. Your — If you are into fitness and need the help of AI to ensure that you don’t miss the appointments of doctors you can always use the app. The free app helps you in maintaining your schedule and keeps check with your health record. You can schedule your checkup routines, workout and so on.
  3. Fyle — A AI-enabled expense tracking app that scans and extracts information about your expenses. The best usage of this app is for small business and accounts organizations and for the employees who work and spend a huge amount of time on spreadsheets.
  4. Flo — Instagram worthy pictures and videos are everything these days. They are gaining popularity with every passing day. Flo is just what you need! An AI-based app that can take shots by location, date and tags with the help of your voice and creates a quality video with music.
  5. Replika — These days when mental health is such a big issue — there is one thing that can help you in creating a better situation for your mental health. Replika is an AI-based app for your android device. It allows the user to talk and communicate about their feelings. They can easily share their emotions with this app and it helps them in relieving their stress.
  6. Iris — Iris is an AI app for managers who need a complete report. The intelligent report application helps you with complete data. The mobile app is very easy to use and easily sync with any device. The app is a complete solution for your office.

Artificial intelligence has become prevalent in many sectors. And the way it can improve our lives from automating simple tasks such as setting reminders to tackling issues such as mental health and assisting businesses is amazing. While there will always be a question at the back of our minds — what are we trading for such conveniences, and the singularity of AI dominance. We will continue to implement and use Artificial Intelligence to make our lives better & easier.

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