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4 min readApr 12, 2021

Introduction -

Online resale is a popular method these days for purchasing or selling any products. Online second-hand resale is a growing industry today, especially after COVID-19. A large marketplace to sell thousands of items and one can choose anything because they will have a lot of options for it without leaving their comfort — their home. From furniture to clothes anything you can find on such websites. But if you use the websites like eBay, Bestbuy you know there are certain problems which you or any consumer’s face. In this blog, we will discuss the trends, problems and the solution.

Challenges Online second-hand marketing Industry :

Even though the challenges, problems and issues online sellers face can be different because of their products, there are several challenges that all sellers need to address.

The challenges like,

  1. Unexpected price increases -

Price hikes and changes every day that all e-commerce companies face. But, there are some standard cost increases around things like last-mile deliveries because demand is outstripping supply in many markets. At the same time, tariffs are introducing greater costs on goods and raw materials for many manufacturers and eCommerce brands. These things can affect your brand which is challenging for any marketplace.

2. Track your listings -

Another challenge you can face during your busy schedule is keeping a track of your listings. In our busy lifestyle it is very hectic for us to keep a track of anything and when you have listed your products on numerous websites — it is very difficult to remember or keeping track of.

3. Multiple websites varied for categories of services -

It may happen that you will have one car to sell and one piece of furniture to sell at the same time. You have to research a certain website that can sell this product or you have to manage multiple websites for your multiple products. This whole process is time taking and makes your experience as a seller a bit difficult. In this situation, you need something which makes everything convenient for you.

How can we solve such issues of the Online second hand marketing Industry?

To fix these problems we need a one-stop solution that ensures that you can showcase your product on every website. The hike of price on one website or the hassle in maintaining different websites does not become a problem.

Sebu is an aggregator service that offers to buy, sell, rent & repair everything in this app. It’s a one-stop solution for all your problems. You do not have to be worried about the fact that where your product is listed because once you update everything about your product on Sebu, it automatically marks your product listed for certain services on every medium like OLX, Quickr etc. How cool is that!

You do not have to create a lot of accounts and check every app so that you can find a potential buyer or seller — you just need to make an account on Sebu and just have to wait for a potential buyer.

You don’t have to check every other website anymore because you will have one account and access it for any website.

The authentic and amazing have features where it is already classified for different products like cars, electronics, furniture turns, and mobile. The app will get you closer to the world because not only in India, but you can buy or purchase from other countries as well. The authenticity of major marketplaces on the internet like — eBay and OLX are what you can expect from this app. You will get access to worldwide sites like Carousell, Craiglist, eBay, Bestbuy and so on! And the app does not even take much space.

Conclusion -

The Online second hand marketing industry is a big deal and with every passing day, the industry will grow more. It also has some problems which we have discussed but it can be fixed with the help of new technology. Sebu has such a quality that it helps you in fixing major issues of the online reselling marketplace. For a new generation, Brainify creates such apps which makes it easier for people. Use the best app by Brainify today.



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