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Introduction -

Before getting into the details, we need to understand what the target audience is. A target audience is a group of the audience to whom you are going to sell your product or services. If you are creating an app you need to understand who is going to use the app. Who will buy your service or product and who will see the benefits of your brand? This is why you need to understand — who are the people you are building your app for. Today in this article, we will talk about the definition of the target audience and how you can understand the exact people who will buy your product.

Importance of Target audience -

Why is the target audience important if apps are something which is used and meant for everyone? The main profit — the more gain? If you are thinking in this way, you are completely wrong. Everyone has different needs and interests. For example, if you are creating a dating app — not everyone will use it. The one who feels the need for a dating app will use it. You need to target the audience who will need the app.

Not just one person can do that — so you will need more than just one person. The group with the same interest and similar problems can help you in getting the user you want. So before you start designing your app, you need to understand your user base. Without knowing about your target audience, you will have no idea about what to do next for the development of the app, marketing and guidelines.

How will you define your audience?

There are several things which you can do. A target audience is a certain group of people that share the same demographics and interests. The factors which you need to take care of are :

Age: Keep the age range within a single generation because someone — who is 19 will have different interests and then who is 50 will have different interests. There is a high chance that they will not even look at your product which is why you need to choose a single generation.

Gender: Men and women are equal but the gender role plays a drastic role in this. How your product approaches two different genders matters a lot. Like, if a woman is shopping because they love to and if a man is shopping because they have to. Women will browse and search for the brand before buying to ensure that they are aware of the differences when creating the target audience.

Location: Your app doesn’t need to be available everywhere or everyone. So selecting your region, country, state, city matters a lot. If you are offering a solution to some location this will help you in getting the exact target audience you want for your app.

Language: The biggest factor which comes to you when you define your audience. There are many different languages which you use today but mainly we use English. Though, in some countries — we do not use this language, even so, localizing your app — based on language helps you in getting the target audience.

Bottom Line -

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