Five examples of machine learning in modern apps -

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3 min readMar 25, 2021

Five examples of machine learning in modern apps -

Introduction -

Machine learning is a new and modern technology. Artificial intelligence, deep learning and there are many more technologies that interact with our mobile devices and tablets every day. The powerful software which can react in real-time and helps you in developing such apps in the app world can be interesting, fascinating and amazing.

Today, in this blog — we will discuss the five examples of machine learning in modern apps.

Five examples of Machine learning apps :

  1. Snapchat Filters: The social media app has unique features and most probably the one that introduced the term filters in our generation. From dog filters to the filter which can change your voice — Snapchat is a fun place and the creators of the app took machine learning too seriously which is why the app is based on machine learning.
  2. Dango — In the app world, there are millions of apps that you have not heard about. The special app — Dango is an amazing machine learning app that helps you in tackling real-life problems. Like, finding the perfect emoji. The app uses deep learning which is a part of machine learning. This app tries to understand what you mean when you type — it suggests emojis and gifs. A fun way to interact.
  3. Tinder — Ever wondered about how you get the perfect match? How does Tinder find it for you? Machine learning uses its ‘magical spell’ — the features and the software programming where it shows you a random profile at first and then when you swipe right or left it reads your behavior and shows you the match according to your preferences. How clever is that!
  4. Google Maps — A known app that we have been using for ages. The amazing navigation tool which was introduced to us — our convenient map which helps us in figuring out the unknown roads and ensures that we do not get lost in a new city. One can not imagine a life without this app!

Machine learning comes in picture and data analysis. A very good example of it is the questions Google maps asks you. When you answer their question just like others — it helps google maps in figuring out more about the place. Behavior and user data matter a lot.

5. Netflix — Netflix is the biggest example of Machine learning. Netflix has turned a DVD rental website into a worldwide global streaming service. Netflix has different algorithms like linear regression, logistics regression and machine learning which creates a perfect app — Netflix

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