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3 min readApr 20, 2021


Introduction -

Social media has created a buzz around the world for a decade and has a profound influence on people. Until 2010, the success of acting or any such art career was only on the big screen but today, you can be famous if you have skills and a smartphone with a good internet connection. Ever since social media started being the platform for entertainment — people started using it for fun and showing their skills and even monetized it from social media. In today’s blog, we will discuss the social media platforms and apps which you can use for your entertainment.

Social media and entertainment -

Nowadays, social media entertainment is a part of the gig economy. The content creators and influencers are now all over Instagram which benefits them with monetization. The revolution behind such an idea came from Tik-Tok.

The app showed how you can create content of 1 min and entertain people. It was a buzz and even now, people are not over it. There are so many apps like Tik-Tok which you can use.

Influence of Tik-Tok & Instagram Reels -

Both Tik-Tok and Reels have been a huge influence on people as Tik-Tok was the most downloaded app in 2020. You can create short videos on these platforms with your pictures or just a video of yours with a song and it can get a lot of views. Such apps are famous these days and a great way to show affection to your loved ones as well. These fun platforms are not the only ones where you can post such videos or create such videos. There are few other apps as well which hold the same function and you can use these apps to get many likes and views or just someone to create videos for their loved ones and share it to the world.

What is Vily?

In between trends, there is one more app you should know about. Villy is an easy and powerful lyrical video app. In seconds, you can create an amazing video with your pictures and add music to it. It has various themes, templates that can be a complete fit for any of your occasions. Vily has a huge collection of music and designs which you can use to create anything for your WhatsApp or Instagram. There are plenty of other apps but this is the easiest yet powerful app to create short videos for your Instagram or any social media platform.

Conclusion -

Your presence in social media matters a lot these days and growing in social media can be helpful as well. The app Vily can make an interactive presentation for you on your social media with a 15-second video. The app by Brainify is a definition of amazing and easy. Now, you do not have to create long videos which take hours — just a few second videos can help you in getting the views you want. Now, gain Instagram followers and create amazing videos with the help of Vily.



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