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3 min readMar 19, 2021

Introduction -

Every industry went through a lot of changes because of technology. You can see how now and then there are new products and apps which are creating a big impact on the internet. In this situation, how can the news and media stay behind? These days people are always on their phone which is why the latest technology helps you in getting the news just at your fingertips.

In this article, we will discuss the five best tech news apps for your iOs phone.

The five best tech news app which you should get today :

Techcrunch — Techcrunch was started in 2005 and it is one of the best technology blogs in the world. Techcrunch helps you with the best idea for where the tech business is going and what are the upcoming technologies and products. You can read the tech news, reviews, and so much more with the help of Techcrunch. You can download the app and start using the features of this app.

Newsy — Newsy is one of the best apps where you can find short news related to technology. This app is also on android platforms. It is one of the trusted and viewed apps in the US and the users have a great reading experience. The app has a widespread category of news section and sports.

Appy Geek — The app which is created by people of news republic is like the best app for all the tech geeks. The app comes with amazing UI design and various technological websites which can help you in learning about the new technologies and products.

Feedly — Feedly is a proper RSS feed reader which has amazing technology sources. You can create several feeds with the help of Feedly and get a list by popular tech news publishers here all the time. You need to subscribe to the tech news and you will be done. It has other features like dark mode, auto mark read features and so on.

Tech news tube — Tech news tube is a simple and decent app that lets you subscribe to different websites and you can read the content through this. It is a basic app but it extracts from your feed very well. The unique feature of this app is — that it not only shows you the written content of the articles but also shows the audio content published on whatever website you follow.

Conclusion -

Technology is an ever-changing landscape. It’s hard to keep up with everything new happening in the world of technology. We need to be updated every day so that we can never miss out on anything. And if you want to create an app, Brainify helps you in developing such apps. In the field of technology, Brainify assures you that the apps we create have good graphics and a user-friendly interface for the users. Use these apps and tell us which is your favourite. Do tell us about any other app which you are currently enjoying, we will love to try them out.



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